We Ain’t Got No Workers No More — Simply Demand Power!

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Please forget about the “worker power” baloney. They are an historical artifact; They don’t exist anymore. In the U.S. today, you are damn lucky to get $7.25 per hour, with no “benefits.” And you’re really lucky if it’s 40 hours. But most of us don’t really get even that. This is because, since Reagan and Clinton we have FREE trade, so we we get to compete with the Chinese Foxconn workers who have to be restrained from jumping to their deaths with huge nets. So there are no longer enough indispensable workers to protest their political rape by means of general strikes. Do yourself and every one a favor, and give the power back to the masses. If you can’t trust the masses who can you trust?

The supreme court? HAHAHAHAHA! They protect ONE minority — the 1%, and give to gays on the same day that they take back from blacks, and vice versa. Get a simple type of score voting — it really is that simple. Learn about and demand the simple (and well-known to some) score voting method. Get rid of single-selection voting. IRV voting, for example, has been funded by Soros, Rockefeller Bros., Carnegie-Mellon, Ford foundation, etc. Yet even Ralph Nader has been duped into supporting it! IRV makes artful (strategic) voting impossible. With that, if you “rank” Nader one notch above Gore (no “hero” for sure), and Gore gets 50% of the vote (but not quite 50% +1), then in the next cycle, the biggest loser’s hero gets “eliminated” and their votes get advanced to their second (ranked) choice, and Nader gets 51% of the vote, but Bush gets 53%, and thus wins! (The percentages can add up to more than 100.) (And since you are not among the eliminated biggest losers, your second-rank choice is just tossed out anyway.) This is even worse than our current single-selection (so-called “plurality”) voting method.

Compare simple score voting with all the other methods. You get to give from 1 to 10 votes to each of up to maybe 20 candidates. Simple paper ballots may simply be added up by hand counting — no riggable vote casting or counting machines are needed. This encourages artful (strategic) voting. If you give some candidate 8 or 9 votes instead of 10, you know that you will only sacrifice 20% or 10% of your vote for him or her. This eliminates the spoiler effect by at least 90%, which is far better than what any other (reasonably simple) method achieves. You don’t need to be any mathematician to see how much simpler this is than all the other convoluted methods!

This would completely end the two-party system. There would be few or no more corrupt Democrats and Republicans.

All of the fancy election methods websites insist on artless (“honest,” “sincere,” “vote your conscience”) voting. Only lowly voters are required to sustain such a level of absurd “integrity” by all the “election methods” websites (except mine). If you go to an auction, do you refuse to bid less than what you think an item is worth?

Political scientists have known about the power of simple score voting for hundreds of years. They have perpetrated the biggest conspiracy in history.

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