Post Liberation Society Has Exposed The Info-Serfs To Gross Info-Inequity With The Info-Lords

::: by blues :::

Post liberation society has exposed the info-serfs to gross info-inequity with the info-lords. They can listen to all of our phone calls. Nearly every picture, mp3 audio, video recording, etc. contains hidden “steganographic” data about where it was taken (via GPS), the device’s media access codes (telling where it was bought, often with credit card info, etc.). Just posting a photo with hidden personal info on the Internet can let “certain people” know everything about you! The info-lords know everything, while their activities are totally hidden from the info-serfs by security clearance secrecy.

Go to any Walmart anywhere; look up; see 300 video cameras, of course. You are going to be recorded by at least five of them at any given time in there, and you damn well know it. Or go serf-walking down Main Street; in many, many cities and towns you are now subject to being an observee to the info-lords. And you know it; you are an info-serf on a technotronic plantation.

Indeed, welcome to the mass observation culture, where an eleet ruling patrician observer class oversees the submissive subordinate observee class. The wealthy info-eleet will be entertained by the spectacle of our misery. The relationship will be non-reciprocal with no info-equity at all. All information about the wealthy info-eleet will be classified Top Secret, and censored by the mediums that they control. so the info-pleb observees will never be allowed to know what the eleet are doing and enjoying.

So what are we waiting for? let’s even the score. Let’s outlaw all those cameras at Walmart and on city streets. Hire a few of us peasants to watch over things. Prices will go up a little, but very little. How much is it worth to you to be out of sight of the super-rich info-lords and their deputies, and not be an info-whore?

While we’re at it, lets demand info-equity! Lets demand that every room in the White House, and in every police station, everywhere, should have a camera and microphone, and that we should all be able to watch them all the time on TV. Why not? What good are their precious secrets? Did the protect us from 9/11? No. Did they protect us from the Boston Marathon bombing? No. It’s a complete joke; their secrets can’t protect us from anything, and they are just too busy cashing in on their corruption to be bothered with our welfare anyway. They don’t need or want to protect us.

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