Capitalist Threat!

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If you’re a capitalist (or member of the terrorist-employer class), you get a Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card.

The Market Ticker — Quick Update On Cyprus — by Karl Denninger — 3/24/13

You probably didn’t get directly screwed tonight, unless you live in Cyprus. You probably didn’t get directly screwed when GM went under either, nor when any one of a number of other, similar events (Greece anyone?) has taken place.

But you did get screwed, because your place of work had its capital structure and the ability to attract capital damaged. Your ability to invest with a reasonably-calibrated level of risk and reward was damaged. You were personally harmed by these acts, even though your harm is at this point diffuse and difficult or even impossible to pin down and put a number on.

But make no mistake, you were harmed, and when, not if, those who were directly hosed in any of these incidents decide they’ve had enough, and that they will no longer sit still for this form of financial rape, if you’re within the blast radius of whatever they decide to do you will be harmed again — and quite possibly to a much greater degree than you can imagine.

“Blast radius?” Even Hal Turner was tame compared with these guys!

ChattahBox News Blog — White Supremacist Blogger Hal Turner: Former FBI Informant — 4/29/09

Some of Turner’s top hits of hate and violence are below:

In 2006, Turner told his audience to clean your guns, have plenty of ammunition [and] then do what has to be done to undocumented workers and also suggested that half the U.S. Congress may have to be assassinated.

He threatened violence against anti-racist activist Floyd Cochran saying that he arranged for a group of guys to physically intercept Cochran and that Cochran would get such a beating that his next stop is going to be University Hospital.

Turner sent a threatening letter to the Poverty Law Center, which said, If you do not change your stance soon, you will face a wrath of fury that you will never be able to defend yourself against. We have the ability to reach out and touch someone.

On December 21, 2010, Hal Turner was sentenced to 33 months in prison by a federal judge. And he was barred from participating in Internet or satellite radio programming for three years. He had said many frightening things on his blog, but never mentioned any anything about a “blast radius.”

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